More than eleven thousand employees of ZNPP make a significant contribution to the development of the electric power industry of Ukraine. The professionalism of the nuclear plant employees allows to maintain a high level of operating culture, ensure the safe operation of power units, and guarantee the economic stability of the state. Zaporizhzhya NPP traditionally pays great attention to its staff, understanding the high level of the human role in the success and prosperity of the enterprise.

The implementation of the social policy of SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” is carried out through the formation of a single social standard and ensuring the implementation of social programs. The Utility provides social benefits and guarantees to its employees and retirees in accordance with the Collective Agreement. This contributes to the creation of a healthy microclimate in the satellite towns of NPPs, allows staff to concentrate maximum attention on solving the NPP safe operation problems. The social package of SE "NNEGC "Energoatom" is one of the best in Ukraine.

The social programs operating at Zaporizhzhia NPP give workers a guarantee of stability and confidence in the future, which allows them to safely and effectively fulfill their professional duties. ZNPP social policy is aimed at the formation of the work with staff, which is focused on obtaining not only an economic, but also a social effect of the organization.

The main directions of ZNPP social development are:

  • Updating the system of social guaranties provided to ZNPP staff in accordance to the SE "NNEGC "Energoatom" Collective Agreement;
  • Implementation of the housing program;
  • Organization of the activities to improve the professional level of ZNPP employees, the development of the initiative of young workers, the improvement of operational culture, cognitive and creative activities;
  • Implementation of the image policy, participation in the formation of a positive image of Zaporizhzhie NPP and a positive attitude to its activities, the development of a unified social and cultural space, promoting the growth of staff culture and cooperation of the creative teams of the satellite towns of the nuclear power plants in Ukraine;
  • Organization of the rehabilitation of the children of the Utility employees in the "Yunost" Holiday Camp.

Thus, the main strategic directions of social policy are aimed at improving the quality of personnel life, creating an attractive image of nuclear power engineering and a positive attitude towards its perspective development, preserving the traditions and values of corporate culture, developing a social informing system for personnel.

Investments in people and the social policy of ZNPP, “NNEGC “Energoatom”, is a long-term factor of the Utility competitiveness, a guarantee of stable and reliable work.

As of the time 01/23/2022 - 13:27

Performance indicators
Power Unit №1 637 MW
Power Unit №2 1023 MW
Power Unit №3 1031 MW
Power Unit №4 1025 MW
Power Unit №5 1031 MW
Power Unit №6 1045 MW
Total plant load 5792 MW
Radiation conditions
Industrial ground 0.09 μSv/h
Energodar 0.08 μSv/h
Meteorological state
Air temperature -0.9
Wind NNE
Wind speed 2 m/s
Relative humidity 71 %
Atmospheric pressure 761 mm Hg