General Manager

Петро Борисович Котін

Petro Kotin

Petro Kotin was born on 13 April 1961 in Vladimir.

Petro Kotin graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute with a degree in "Nuclear Power Plants and Installations".

After graduation in 1985 he was accepted to the position of reactor hall operator at Zaporizhzhia NPP. Petro Kotin has passed all stages of operational management, worked in the field of international activities.

At the headquarters of SE "NNEGC "Energoatom" Petro Kotin headed the production unit and worked in international projects, since 2014 he implemented the project "Ukraine – European Union: Power Bridge" – strategically important for Ukraine.

By the order of the President of the SE "NNEGC "Energoatom" dated August 27, 2019 Petro Kotin was appointed General Manager of SE "Zaporizhzhia NPP".


Chief Engineer

Dmytro Sabadin

Dmytro Sabadin

Born on January 26, 1959, in Ust-Labinsk, Krasnodar Territory

He graduated from the Odessa Polytechnic Institute with a degree in "Nuclear Power Plants and Facilities".

He works at SE "Zaporizhzhia NPP" since 1983. He passed all operational work stages from Reactor Compartment Operator to NPP Shift Supervisor. In 2012 he was nominated to position of Deputy Chief Engineer on Technology and Engineering.

In accordance with the NNEGC "Energoatom" order №1-К of 03.01.2017, signed by the Company President Yuriy Nedashkovskiy, since January 10, 2017, he was nominated to SE "Zaporizhzhia NPP" Chief Engineer (First Deputy General Manager).

Dmytro Sabadin is honored worker of SE "Zaporizhzhia NPP" and outstanding worker of Ukrainian Power Generation Industry.

As of the time 04/04/2020 - 02:07

Performance indicators
Power Unit №1 988 MW
Power Unit №2 1000 MW
Power Unit №3 -
Power Unit №4 920 MW
Power Unit №5 894 MW
Power Unit №6 -
Total plant load 3802 MW
Radiation conditions
Industrial ground 0.07 μSv/h
Energodar 0.06 μSv/h
Meteorological state
Air temperature 3.2
Wind SW
Wind speed 0.9 m/s
Relative humidity 48 %
Atmospheric pressure 761 mm Hg