In order to initiate the employment procedure, each applicant should provide information about him/herself in CV (curriculum vitae) according to the established form, which may be submitted in electronic or written form.

To submit information in electronic form the applicant should send it to the e-mail address .

To submit information in written form the applicant should:

  1. Obtain the CV form at the following address:
    Stroiteley Ave, building 39, room 11,
    the building of "Apteka №5" on the second floor
    from 7.30 till 12.00 and from 13.00 till 16.00.
  2. Fill it in correctly with accurate information.
  3. Submit the CV at the following address:
    Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant,
    Personnel Department, room 106.
Note  With submittal of the CV (in electronic or written form) to ZNPP management each applicant gives consent for saving, processing and using his/her personal data.

The provided information - CV (in electronic or written form) – is recorded in the electronic database - "CVs".

Note  The information about the applicant, recorded in the “CVs” database is relevant up to the time of his/her employment at ZNPP, but no more than 1 year. If during a year the applicant was not employed, the information about him/her is included into the waiting list. To extend its validity for the next period (one year from the date of submittal) or in case of significant changes in personal data (additional education, scientific degrees and ranks, additional work experience, change of name, contact phone number, etc.) it is necessary to re-submit the CV with a notice "Due to changes in personal data".
Warning!  Incorrect personal data in CV makes its processing impossible.

If there is a vacant job position, the applicants, who meet the qualification requirements for the vacant position, are selected from the “CVs” database for the vacant position.

After the interview with the head of the department, where there is a vacant job position, and after verification of the applicant’s documents for education compliance with the qualification requirements for the vacant position, the applicant is invited to attend a meeting of the Professional Selection Commission. The Commission's decision is of advisory nature.

The final decision about employment is made by the ZNPP General Director.

As of the time 01/23/2022 - 14:11

Performance indicators
Power Unit №1 643 MW
Power Unit №2 1024 MW
Power Unit №3 1031 MW
Power Unit №4 1025 MW
Power Unit №5 1030 MW
Power Unit №6 1043 MW
Total plant load 5796 MW
Radiation conditions
Industrial ground 0.11 μSv/h
Energodar 0.09 μSv/h
Meteorological state
Air temperature -0.8
Wind NNE
Wind speed 2.6 m/s
Relative humidity 72 %
Atmospheric pressure 761 mm Hg