IAEA assistance mission ended up at Zaporizhzhia NPP

Fuming Jiang, IAEA nuclear safety senior specialist worked at Zaporizhzhia NPP for three days onLeadership and Management for Safetyto support NPP before OSART mission. At the final meeting NPP specialists and IAEA expert discussed the assistance mission results and drew up further plans for OSART mission preparation.

 “Based on my observations, NPP personnel are very qualified and opened. The equipment premises are in good condition. Household and cleanliness are at the appropriate level” Fuming Jiang stated.

During the mission at Zaporizhzhia NPP IAEA nuclear safety senior specialist reviewed the activities of operational and maintenance personnel, observed pre-job briefings and briefings during the fieldwork at Unit 4 main control room and turbine hall. During his visit to Units 2 and 6 controlled areas the IAEA specialist observed the personnel work. Also he interviewed different level specialists and conducted a briefing with Zaporizhzhia NPP coordinator. As the result of work at ZNPP the IAEA expert identified three areas for improvement.

An assistance mission is one more step towards Zaporizhzhia NPP preparation for the future OSART mission in 2021. Nowadays we have a report with three recommendations. And we have to bring all our activity areas to the IAEA requirements during the year. I am grateful for your openness in the mission realization at our plant”, Petro Kotin, General Manager of Zaporizhzhia NPP, mentioned.

Also IAEA representative thanked for help all mission participants and wished a continued success in the further safe plant operation. “I am satisfied with my visit and I want to mention that I wouldn’t get all information and make a report without your help and cooperation. I hope that all recommendations and suggestions, which Ive prepared, will help to improve your operational safety”, Fuming Jiang noted.


As of the time 01/26/2022 - 10:01

Performance indicators
Power Unit №1 648 MW
Power Unit №2 1025 MW
Power Unit №3 1030 MW
Power Unit №4 -
Power Unit №5 1026 MW
Power Unit №6 1044 MW
Total plant load 4773 MW
Radiation conditions
Industrial ground 0.09 μSv/h
Energodar 0.07 μSv/h
Meteorological state
Air temperature -5.2
Wind SW
Wind speed 2.2 m/s
Relative humidity 83 %
Atmospheric pressure 761 mm Hg